...still morning...

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...still morning...

Only two hours later, the fog had lifted and the sun appeared . Knowing it wouldn’t last, I took my camera for a walk in the park.

This time of the year not much goes on there, but I didn’t have a lot of time, so this would have to do?Took some nice pictures of trees and reflections thereof  . Also the only bird awake and willing, the Coot.


Lovely pictures Araminta - love the coot making a big splash.

Reflections in the water are wonderful.  

Your lake with the reeds and reflections remind me of the place where i have been taking some zoomed in shots of just the reflections of reeds and get some amazing patterns and mixtures of colours like you have there in bottom left of #3. Also got some "modern art" by zooming in on the reflections of autumnal leaves.

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Thanks WhistlingDuck, I'm fascinated by reflections, but reeds are the best. One more photo of that same morning, two upside-down Duckswink


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Lovely photos M-L! I love the clear reflectionsheart

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The first photo of the crisp, clear gumnuts and leaves against that brilliant blue sky is just stunning!

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