A story worth telling

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A story worth telling

Today I went to a local Park, bad move in the first place , lots of families having picnics. So that also meant, the wildlife had a hard time.

Close to a large group of adults and children of various ages, was a group of Eurasian Coots and some juveniles. That was when I noticed two boys, probably 7 years old, throwing apples at the young birds that were very close. So some of the apples actually hit the little birds.

 Most people who know me, would also know that I had to interfereangry . When I asked the boys to stop it, one of them said: Mum told us they eat apples. I quickly replied:  But I don’t think your mum throws the apples at you? One of them answered: Oh , yes she does. 

Hmmm. What happened next was amazing, Mum jumped up, rushed over towards the kid, I thought for a second she was going to hit me. No, she snacked the boy right into his face, yelling: what did you just say? I throw apples at you? You little shit!

I was just standing there , staring at the kid in disbelief. But all I could say was: Now I believe you when you say your mother throws apples at you.

The reason I’m telling this story is, to me it represents perfectly what is wrong and why children have no or very little respect for anything really. Least of all nature. How can they? When they themselves are treated without respect.

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Spot on, Araminta. Children invariably adopt the behaviour of their parents. Respect begets respect.

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Good on you for stepping up and saying something a lot don't

You see it so often try going to a junior football game and listen to the perents (mainly mothers ) screaming kill him smash him I heard one mother yell at the coach "my son dosen't have to listen to you" no wonder the kids have no respect with perents like this

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