A sunny friday afternoon

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A sunny friday afternoon

I was stuck at work today, looking out the window at the lovely day outside, wishing I was out there. It got to lunchtime, and I realised that I had enough accumulated hours (instead of paid overtime) that I could just go home right then! I told my boss I'd had enough for the week, and walked out.

I'd been wanting to try to see if I could find a Rainbow Bee-Eater this year, and after scouring some bird lists, I found a place called Pooh Corner at Wacol where they had been sighted recently. My trusty phone's GPS proceeded to get me lost, and then sent me literally driving around in circles. (and I thought that I had a poor sense of direction!) I worked it out finally.

This was definitely a slow-boil site, I didn't find that many types of birds to begin with, but when I made the turn for home, I was virtually swarmed with them. smileysmiley

Here are some highlights. (Lots of honeyeaters)

1) Scarlet Honeyeater - Had spotted one of these at Daisy Hill Forest last weekend, but couldn't get  a clear shot of it. This guy likes it wayyyyy up high. I love the stark colour contrast on this one.

2) Yellow-Faced Honeyeater. Sweet little bird.

3-5) A white-throated honeyeater. There were a few of these hanging around. A new bird for me, and definitely a cutie.

6-7) After hearing their calls most of the way around the last half of the circuit, I chanced to turn around and spotted a male Rainbow Bee-Eater! (Complete with bee) The photos don't really do their colours justice, but they are such beautiful little birds. I find their long tail feathers rather fascinating also.

8) Found an enormous fallen tree with a whole swarm of little Red Browed Finches feeding around it. I need to work on my sneak-technique, but this little one didn't mind me.

9-10) On the same fallen tree, I then spotted these two little Striated Pardalotes fossicking around. (I'd seen a group of these earlier on in the walk, but they were out of reach in the high branches)

All in all, a very successful trip, which started off slowly, but after persevering with it, Great Success! *Borat voice*

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Lol, it's too nice a day for work boss............i'm going birdinglaugh

Well done.

Shorty......Canon gear



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Pretty much, although not quite how I framed the question. I do have a very understanding boss though.

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It's always like that isn't it? You go out looking for the birds and can't find even one; then turn 'round for home and there they all are!

I love the red browed finch! Great jobyes

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Elsie wrote:

It's always like that isn't it? You go out looking for the birds and can't find even one; then turn 'round for home and there they all are!

I love the red browed finch! Great jobyes

Thanks. smiley

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Beautiful stuff, windshear!

I've heard that's a good spot for birding and have seen it come up on events for Birdlife Aus Brisbane branch.

After that lot of shots, I might need to visit there myself soon.


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I can definitely recommend taking the right hand path (when you enter the place you can go lefty-straightish or go right). That was where I found the greatest density of birds. Which is not to say that there weren't birds elsewhere, but they're more thinly spread.

Although, once you hit the rail line, you get to look at all the jailbirds. cheeky

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