a very sad day

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a very sad day

I have taken countless photos of my Bassian Thrushes. After this breeding season there were 4 of them. Sadly I lost one over night. She was always around the house, after she got stuck in a fence and I rescued her, she was even too tame, she didn't even worry about the dogs walking a meter away from her. When she didn't turn up this morning I went looking for her. I found a pile of feathers under a tree. There was no doubt, the feathers belonged to a Bassian Thrush.

But, I do think she was eaten by an Owl. For the last three days I have heard a bird land on our tin roof during the night, I can just hear her feet when they touch the roof. Other than that there is silence. For some years we had a Frogmouth hunt from our roof. I just hope it was an Owl, and not one of the stupid neighbour's 5 cats. We had this question before, there were only feathers at the base of the tree, cats would take their catch away, wouldn't they? Not leave a few feathers?

Here is one of the last photos of her, taken only a few days ago.

Annie W
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Very sad indeed sad.  RIP little lady.

West Coast Tasmania

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I feel very sorry for you M-L. The same thing happened to me last year when 2 of the wrens down at my local lake disappeared without a trace.

The bond we have with birds can be surprisingly strong,sometimes they can become a friend to us.

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That really is heartbreaking sad  I use to have a female magpie come to visit constantly we called her Mrs Bung Bung cause she has a rather larger one eye than the other , then for a little while we had Baldie come to visit frequently as well . We called him that cause he had a big balding patch at the back of his head. I think the other magpies use to pick on him , he was a bit of a loner. BUT they don't come anymore cause we decided to get our old dog Miss Kitty a friend , Miss Lily . We only get the smaller birds come now in the fenced off section of the garden , which we had to fenced as the dogs would us the grass as a racetrack , so I think the small birds and doves have worked out that they are safe from Miss Lily enjoy all the lovely fenced off garden area.Mrs Bung Bung Baldie  Miss Lily .

Kerry - Perth, Western Australia.

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Thanks so much guys,it will take a while to get used to her not being there anymore. When I was in my kitchen, she was always there. I think that turned out to be the problem, she wasn't scared enough and never made any attempts to hide. Not good when you are a bird.

What an interesting story shoop. I love the two Magpies, I love animals and people that are out of the ordinary, they make life so much more interesting.

Miss Lily is simply beautiful, and what a great photo. Thanks again for the lovely story.


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