wedge tailed eagles

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wedge tailed eagles

Hi all ,Im very new to this site and it looks great. My interest is in wedge tail eagles and I would like to start and try and photograph these beautiful raptors. I have admired these birds for some time but I want to start and try to take shots. It came about when My family spent a week on a farm in Kawarren south of Colac a week ago and we had been driving there farm buggy around the property and as we approached a dead cow this amazing eagle took of and it was breathtaking. From that point I thought to myself I want to try and capture the largest bird of prey in Australia on film,( well memory card) and make this my hopefuly new and rewarding hobby. Im from Mooroolbark Victoria and was hoping if anyone has sightings of a wedgy in there area that isnt a days drive from where I live, I'd appreciate reply's. 

Thank's and happy watching.

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Hi, fazza and welcome to BIB

the best website to check for bird sightings is Eremaea

I have done a search for WTE sightings in Vic - 

I hope that this helps and please post your pics


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G'day Peter, 

Thanks so much for that site, I have never herd of it before, your a legend. My camera work isnt to good yet but if take any good shots I will post them.

 Again cheers.

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