what has a beak like a jackhammer?

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what has a beak like a jackhammer?

A very short (less than 1.5 mins) video. Stolen fruit tastes sweeter: Mr B. OUR resident Black bird (Turdus merula) a great believer in the saying "stolen fruit tastes sweetest". Wanted this guy to drop-in for ages, at last he has.


Enjoy ad

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Does that apply to people? Or is it more like, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? (or, the girl next door is always sweeter…wink)

I love the little video. And thanks for the info you sent the other day about your cameras.


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M-L I've based it on people feelings birds are smarter than people so it's likely more complicated than that!!

Thanks for the yes on the video. Powerful little  beaks for their size.

Info my pleasure...hope it helps.


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