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It might not feel like it across much of the country, but summer is upon us which means that, particularly on hot days, birds are looking for places to have a quick drink and cool off.

This year we had Masters student Ying Kiu Tong from the University of Melbourne working with us to look at the impact of bird feeding on bird communities.

As we close out another strange year, its time for our Summer surveys. A great opportunity to head out in the sunshine (hopefully) and count some birds in your garden. Read below about how to take part:
Head over to Birdata and get your Birds in Backyards Summer Survey in from December 1

Getting started is easy.

Our Birds in Backyards surveys don’t only ask about what birds are visiting your garden, but what your garden is like. We’ve been analysing your Birds in Backyards survey contributions in Birdata to look at the relationship between different types of gardens, and what bird species are present.

The spring is sprung, the grass is rizz, I wonder where the birdies is. I bet they’re in the garden. Conduct a survey this September & October and find out.

This month, PhD candidate Carly Campbell from Queensland's Griffith University published a study looking at the long-term changes of bird species that are found in Australia's most populous urban centres of Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

There’s a lot to do come nesting season—eggs to keep warm, territory to defend, and the all-important task of preparing a nest that will last the distance. Here are some ways you can use your garden to make the job a little easier for our avian friends.

BirdLife is now taking expressions of interest for our Birds in Schools program for Terms 3 and 4! This program is open to schools across Australia. Learn about and help your local birds with support from BirdLife!

Birds in Backyards Surveys - How do I take part?

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