Elegant Parrot

Did you know?

Elegant parrots can be fairly high fliers. If persistently chased in open country they can fly so high as to be out of sight. When coming in to drink they can drop straight down from a considerable height.

This birds calls are poorly known, but it has "contact" and "alarm" calls and occasionally makes a soft twitterings, 'tsit'.
Facts and Figures
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Breeding season: 
August - December
Clutch Size: 
19 days
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Basic Information
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What does it look like?

This bird is golden-olive on the head and back, with a bright yellow belly, sometimes with a touch of orange. There is a two-colour  light blue/ dark blue band across its forehead extending just past the eye, and a similar band along the  bend of the wing. The male has a yellow facial mask. The female has duller colours. This bird can also be called Grass Parrot; Grass Parakeet; Elegant Grass Parakeet; Yellow Lowry.

Similar species: 

Similar species are; the Bluewinged parrot, Neophema chrysostoma, which has a much bigger blue wingpatch; the Orange-bellied Parrot, Neophema chrysogaster, which has a much brighter green head and back and a dark blue-green tail; the Rock Parrot, Neophyma petrophila, which has much duller greens and blues; the female Turquoise Parrot, Neophyma pulchella, which however has a blue face, without the headband, and white lores.

Where does it live?

The Elegant Parrot lives in two separate areas. One is in the southwest corner of WA and the other in southern Australia from the Flinders Ranges to just over the NSW and Victorian borders. 


This parrot lives in open forests, woodlands, mallee, mulga, salt marsh, 

Seasonal movements: 

This is a nomadic species.

What does it do?

Pairs or small parties of Elegant Parrots feed mainly on the ground on seeds of grasses and herbaceous plants.


These birds build their nests in hollows in tree limbs or on the sprout of a tree, often up high, usually in a Eucalypt.                    

Living with us

The Elegant parrot is a popular aviary bird and has been hybridized with other parrots.

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