Superb Parrot

Did you know?

During the 20-day incubation period and for a week or so after the eggs hatch, the female Superb Parrot is fed entirely by the male, in the nest or nearby.

Loud 'krak, krrak' contact call; soft twittering from feeding birds. All calls have a distinctive throaty quality.
Facts and Figures
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Breeding season: 
September to December
Clutch Size: 
Three to six
20 days
Nestling Period: 
40 days
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Basic Information
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What does it look like?

The Superb Parrot is a medium-sized parrot, with a swift and graceful flight. Its tail is long and the wings are backswept and pointed. Both male and female are mostly bright green, though the male has a bright yellow forehead and cheeks, with a scarlet band across the upper chest. The female is duller, with red thighs and patches of pink on the inner walls of the tail feathers. Both have a red iris and bright pink bill. The Superb Parrot is also known as the Barraband or Scarlet-breasted Parrot or the Green Leek.

Similar species: 

No other parrots are similar, though in flight it may be mistaken for a Cockatiel,Nymphicus hollandicus.

Where does it live?

The Superb Parrot is endemic to south-eastern Australia. It is found in the Riverina area of New South Wales and Victoria, and, in winter, in northern New South Wales.


The Superb Parrot is found along timbered waterways and nearby well-watered woodlands, especially in River Red Gums along the Murray and Murrumbidgee Rivers. They are usually seen in family parties or small flocks. They roost communally in trees.

Seasonal movements: 

Superb Parrots move extensively within their range, with a migration to the northern part of New South Wales in winter. Movement is from the south-western Riverina area to central and northern New South Wales along the Namoi and Macquarie Rivers.

What does it do?

Superb Parrots feed mainly on the ground, and sometimes in the foliage of trees. They eat the seeds of grasses and plants, fruits and berries, nectar, flowers and some insects.


Superb Parrots nest in deep hollows or hollow limbs, in large trees along watercourses, usually in River Red Gums. The eggs are laid in wood dust at the bottom of the hollow. The female alone incubates and is fed by the male while on the eggs and when the young are very small. Then both parents feed the young.

Living with us

Superb Parrots are listed as vulnerable, though locally common in their habitat. Alteration of their habitat and land clearing has removed many of their nesting trees and has made their winter feeding grounds unsuitable. They do use crops as a food supply.

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