Birds in Schools

Birds in Schools is a free environmental education program for primary schools designed by BirdLife Australia and its Urban Birds Program. With all materials available online through BirdLife’s e-learning site, Birds in Schools enables teachers right across Australia to deliver education and action for birds with support from BirdLife Australia. BirdLife provides lesson plans, resources, and teacher training to give teachers the specialist knowledge and skills required to deliver the lesson content to their students, including how to identify birds and conduct bird surveys.

Birds in Schools allows teachers to engage their students in the scientific process through investigation and monitoring the birds and habitat of their school grounds. Students use their own observational skills and ideas to develop and implement action plans to help their local bird life. Action plans may include planting native plants, installing nest boxes or bird baths, or delivering education campaigns in their school or local neighbourhood.  

BIS consists of 10 lessons for students from Years 3 to 6, through which they:  

• Conduct bird and habitat surveys and contribute survey data to BirdLife’s database, Birdata. 
• Learn about local birds, biodiversity, and habitats. 
• Analyse surveys and make recommendations based on their own research. 
• Develop and implement an action plan to improve habitat for birds.   

Birds in Schools offers students and teachers: 

• The chance to become citizen scientists and actively participate in the scientific process. 
• A valuable experience of connection with, and improved understanding of, the natural world. 
• An opportunity to investigate real-life issues, reflect and problem solve and develop action-oriented responses to sustainability challenges. 
• A supported, curriculum-linked teaching resource for Years 3 to 6, Stage 2-3, including lesson plans and resources, that builds students’ knowledge and skills. 
• A way to prioritise biodiversity within the school, with greener spaces improving the wellbeing of students too. 
• The opportunity to collaborate and partner with the local school community and local council. 

Support for teachers:

• Lesson plans and accompanying resources supporting teachers to deliver content. 
• Assessment for students to easily measure learning.
• Online teacher professional development. 
• Live online sessions for students. 
• Support from a BirdLife staff member including assistance and advice. 

The program is free for schools to take part in. Secure your place now!

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