It's Winter Survey Time!

The days are shorter, temperatures drop, but backyard birdwatching never stops!

If you have been following our #BirdingAtHome journey on social media, then you would have seen your fellow birders enjoying a #CuppaWithTheBirds for 10 minutes each day – let us super charge that! Brew a nice warm beverage, round up the troops and head outside for our 20 minute Birds in Backyards Winter Survey 2020. To take part in the surveys, all you have to do is register your free Birdata account, read the instructions for the web or app or watch the video. Download the Birdata app and take your smartphone or tablet outside with you and record all the birds you seen in your space in 20 mins.

If you are unsure where or how to start, or even feel like you don’t know the first thing about birds only that you love to see them, then fear not! Our Urban Birds Program Manager, Dr. Holly Parsons, will be hosting four free webinars on Wednesday 3rd of June at 7pm (AEST)Sunday 7th June at 2pm (AEST), Wednesday July 1 at 7pm (AEST) or Sunday July 5 at 2pm (AEST). These webinars will focus on how to use Birdata, bird ID’ing tips and tricks, how to complete one of our Birds in Backyards surveys and why this data is important. You can register for a session here

When completing your winter survey, there are a few important interactions you can share with us.


  • Aggressive interactions – Let us know if you have observed any species initiate interactions with other birds and whether this interaction could be classed as aggressive – you can do this in the sighting details tab using the specific species interactions option.
  • Have you seen any birds feeding on the native plants in your garden? If so – who was dining on what? – you can tell us in the notes section when you record the species you have observed under “sighting details”
  • Who has been braving a chilly winter dip? – Tell us if any birds are using your birdbaths or other water sources on your property using the notes section in the sighting details tabs.
  • Have any birds been dabbling in some Oscar-worthy acting? – tell us about the weird and wonderful things your backyard birds have been up to you using the notes section in the sighting details tabs.


Annual Competition

Don't forget our major prize for the year - if you complete at least one survey per season (that’s Summer 2019/20, Autumn 2020, Winter 2020 & Spring 2020) you will go into the draw to win a pair of brand new Nikon binoculars (worth $249) to take with you on all your birding adventures!

A quick refresher of the rules for the annual competition:

  1. All surveys must be completed within the Birds in Backyards surveys on Birdata
  2. Surveys must be submitted from a single surveyor/Birdata account holder
  3. Surveys are only counted within each survey period
  4. For the Major Challenge, at least one survey in each season must be completed from a single Birdata account
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