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Time to spruce up your feathers, shake off 2021 and let us know about your local birds! 

Feel the crisp winter air and join your birds outside for a winter bird survey (or stay indoors with a nice hot cuppa and watch them through the window...)

20 mins and some information about your garden helps to understand our local birds and gives us invaluable insight into their daily lives.

Join us for a webinar

While spending most of our time at home can be frustrating, it also gives us a great opportunity to be #BirdingAtHome.

We want you to take just 10 mins for yourself whenever you can. Get away from the TV and the news, make a cuppa and do a 10 min bird count at home. Share your list of birds using the tag #CuppawiththeBirds.

Hello parents, carers and kids! Are you looking for at-home activities to keep everyone chirpy? Here at BirdLife we have lots of resources that are fun AND you can learn about amazing birds and places

Story written by Robert Lastdrager

While this spring saw many of us able to leave home for the first time in quite a few months, we are so thrilled to see a whopping 2195 Birds in Backyards surveys coming in from 728 gardens across Australia! And not only that, but a tremendous 356 different species were spotted.

Are you gaga about Gang-gang Cockatoos? So are we! Join us for a new project that will give you the knowledge and skills to take action to make a real impact on the conservation of this iconic species! Participants will also help us uncover the secrets of this charisma

The boom in bird watching – or birding – since the pandemic started has been a boon. It's not only a joyful hobby but has also translated to significant citizen science projects.

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