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Gazing at Gang-gangs, marvelling at Magpies or smiling at some Spinebills?

Join our Birds in Backyards surveys this Autumn and let us know who is visiting your garden. 20 mins and some information about your garden helps to understand our local birds and gives us invaluable insight into their daily lives.

How do I take part?

While spending most of our time at home can be frustrating, it also gives us a great opportunity to be #BirdingAtHome.

We want you to take just 10 mins for yourself whenever you can. Get away from the TV and the news, make a cuppa and do a 10 min bird count at home. Share your list of birds using the tag #CuppawiththeBirds.

Hello parents, carers and kids! Are you looking for at-home activities to keep everyone chirpy? Here at BirdLife we have lots of resources that are fun AND you can learn about amazing birds and places

Just as humans learn languages, animals learn behaviours crucial for survival and reproduction from older, experienced individuals of the same species. In this way, important “cultures” such as bird songs are passed from one generation to the next.

The Powerful Owl is Australia’s biggest owl, and one of our biggest nocturnal predators. Powerful Owls may be able to kill a possum in a single squeeze, but they can’t compete with the rapid clearing of their habitat. Our urban spaces may be the saving grace for Powerful Owls. They can survive within cities and, in some cases, even breed in suburban backyards.

Summer has that unusual mix of being both incredibly busy as we celebrate Christmas and the holidays (as much as we could this last year due to COVID) - and also quiet as we seek time to relax and recharge for another year ahead. As we often see, our Birds in Backyards surveys are a little quieter during this period (with 1498 surveys recorded this past Dec/Jan).

If you are in Sydney and have, or know of, a large dead tree - we need your help.  

Last month the federal government released it's much anticipated report into the problem of feral and domestic cats in Australia. The Birds in Backyards Program put forward a submission and was asked to give evidence at the inquiry.

Em Bowman is the director and founders of STEM Landscape Architecture & Design​​​​​​​

In our last article I wrote about a dam revamp we have been working on in Kyneton, and since then I have had many questions about what type of plants to use in water habitats. So, I hope I can shed some light onto your next garden project.

Josie Jenkins is an Hons student from the University of Sydney. She is being supervised by Dr Holly Parsons from Birds in Backyards and Prof Dieter Hochuli, University of Sydney. 


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