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It's spring! See the magpies swoop and chase. Tell us who is visiting your place


Welcome to those of you who are new to Birds in Backyards and to surveying.

While spending most of our time at home can be frustrating, it also gives us a great opportunity to be #BirdingAtHome.

Over the next few weeks, we invite you to take just 10 mins for yourself whenever you can. Get away from the TV and the news, make a cuppa and do a 10 min bird count at home. Share your list of birds using the tag #CuppawiththeBirds.

Hello parents, carers and kids! Are you looking for at-home activities to keep everyone chirpy? Here at BirdLife we have lots of resources that are fun AND you can learn about amazing birds and places

This morning our Urban Bird Program Managers, Dr. Monica Awasthy and Dr. Holly Parsons gave evidence at the federal inquiry into the problem of feral and domestic cats in Australia. 

Six critically endangered Plains-wanderer birds have successfully completed a quarantine period at Monarto Safari Park after their big trip from Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria.

When you think of lyrebirds, what comes to mind may be the sound of camera clicks, chainsaws and the songs of other birds. While the mimicry of lyrebirds is remarkable, it is not the only striking feature of this species.

While we may think that winter is a quite time, we all snuggle inside and everything goes quiet - thats actually not the case for birds at all. Winter is when we see a lot of our amazing native plants in flower, generating a flurry of visits to our gardens as many birds feast and prepare for their breeding season ahead.

Em Bowman from STEM generously provides us with simple, informative and well-researched guides on how to garden for our birds. You can find her at


Author: Mike Bamford (Birds in Backyards Advisory Committee member and BirdLife Western Australia Vice Chair)

Staff at our BirdLife Australia head office in Melbourne were initially thrilled to see a Southern Boobook roosting nearby, but it was soon apparent something was wrong, and she died that same day.

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