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BirdLife Australia often advises on laws and regulations that may impact wildlife. We work in consultation with communities, researchers and regulators to take holistic approaches to complex issues. We’ve invited Nell Thompson, an industry expert, to share insight into the nuances of domestic cat management in Australia.



Birds in Backyards recently co-supervised Genevieve Heggarty as she undertook a research project to tackle the question of what determines whether small birds, like Superb Fairy-wrens, can survive in urban areas. Genevieve shares her findings here.


Thanks to everyone who has taken part in our Birds in Backyards surveys for the Summer period! You’re helping us build a long-term dataset of species patterns across the country. 

A big thank you to all our Backyard Birders who, on top of the Aussie Bird Count, also did their Birds in Backyards Spring surveys.

1663 surveys came in across 603 locations and a lovely spread from towns and cities across Australia.

Sometimes creating a habitat garden can feel overwhelming! It doesn’t need to be though, and you can start with simple steps that can eventually add up to a valuable habitat. To help you with the task, we’ve put some of our favourite tips together here.

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Getting started is easy.

Habitat is more than providing a garden. Human activity introduces a variety of risks for the birds that are living amongst us. Taking a few small steps to support wildlife can be simple, so we’ve put together a list of some of the most important things you can do, all without getting your hands dirty. 

The Invasive Species Council, Biodiversity Council and BirdLife Australia have collaborated to create a downloadable fact sheet using the latest findings on domestic cats in Australia. This factsheet summarises research findings on the impact of Australia’s pet cats on wildlife.

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Getting started is easy.

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