Keep your kids chirpy at home with these activities!

Hello parents, carers and kids! Are you looking for at-home activities to keep everyone chirpy? Here at BirdLife we have lots of resources that are fun AND you can learn about amazing birds and places

We think that learning about and keeping in touch with nature (including birds!) during challenging times can make us feel calmer and happier, and we hope these activities allow you to add a bit of fun to your day! Keep an eye out for more activities from us in the coming weeks.


Kids magazine and activity books

Take a trip to the Mallee, the beach or woodland, from the comfort of your living room, with our kids magazine and activity books, ‘The Wing Thing’. Learn about the Swift Parrot, Mallee Emu-wren, Hooded Plover and others. Check out ‘The Wing Thing’ for stories, board games, puzzles and more!

The Wing Thing – Shorebirds

The Wing Thing – Woodland Birds

The Wing Thing – Beach Nesting Birds

The Wing Thing – Threatened Mallee Birds


Birds in Backyards Parents Pack

Art, craft and even a bit of science for indoors and out! Check out our Parents Pack resources and keep the kids busy making nocturnal bird masks, building their own birds nest (complete with eggs), or competing in a game of Backyard Bird Bingo. 


Bird watching!

Bird watching is a great activity that can be done almost anywhere! Bird watch in your backyard, from your veranda, or at your local park – be sure to check on current government and health advice and adapt your behaviour accordingly.

To help you identify the birds you see, you can:

  • Use a field guide – buy a book online or download a field guide app
  • Use our Backyard Birds poster for your area
  • Download our Aussie Bird Count app (search for ‘BirdLife’ in your App Store). Enter your location, and select the size, shape and colours of birds you see. The app will give you a list of species it could be – too easy!
  • Use our Bird Finder online.


Counting or surveying birds

Now you can identify birds, you can count the birds you see, or do a survey! There are so many learning opportunities here: counting; recording data; observing features of the environment and birds.

  • You might like to draw up a simple grid on paper with the types of birds listed. Use tally marks to count how many of each type you see.

Or, join our Birdata community! Record your bird count on our Birdata app or website.

  • Download our Birdata app (search for ‘BirdLife’ in your App Store) or use the Birdata website
  • Read the instructions or watch the video to help you get started. The surveys ask for a bit of information to start with, which can be tricky, but just try your best!
  • Do a Birds in Backyards Autumn survey - just fill in some info about what your garden is like (get the kids to help!) and then count for 20 mins. You can do it as many times as you like!
  • This information and your bird count helps the scientists at BirdLife look after birds – super cool!


Here’s a quick link to a list of some of the above activities, and a few colouring sheets:

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