Where is Wedgie? Tasmanian citizen science opportunity

In Tasmania at the end of May? Grab a couple of mates and help find out how the Endangered Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle is doing! 

The last formal estimates of its population size - at fewer than 1000 birds - were based on inference from quite limited information collected many years ago. Since then, there have been lots of efforts to reduce the impact of human activities on this subspecies, but we don’t know if they’re working. The Bookend Trust’s new citizen science program, NatureTrackers, has this year rolled out ‘Where? Where? Wedgie!’, focussing on wedge-tailed eagles and other diurnal birds of prey. It also covers white cockatoos and corellas. Hundreds across Tasmania will be spending a day out, 'with your eyes to the sky’ surveying for these birds on Friday 25th, Saturday 26th &/or Sunday 27th May. There’s a particular need for surveys in remoter areas, like the south west, but information from your own backyard is still very useful. You might also like to host a workshop to help prepare everyone.

Sign up, get ready, find out more about bird of prey identification and register your survey area on the website naturetrackers.com 

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