Exposed nest

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Exposed nest

Just after a bit of advice here.

I was pruning a tree in my backyard and came across a bird nest with a couple of eggs in it. I stopped pruning immediately so the nest is still intact. It is directly below my deck and I checked last night and seen that a grey honey eater with the red chest was sitting on it. The problem is that it is now exposed whereas it was hidden in amongst the foliage before. It still has some cover around it but is certainly visible from above where it would have been hidden before. Does this leave the nest open to predators and wheather? Should I try to cover the nest up and hide it somehow or will they just defend it themselves? I am worried that if I try to cover it the birds may abandon the nest alltogether?

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Excellent questions, Tonyv. As a general principle I'd argue that the less interference the better. Given that the bird is still incubating the eggs then all seems OK  at least for the time being but there's not much doubt that the accidental exposure of the nest does make it  more vulnerable to predators &, possibly, the weather. Could I suggest you keep watch to see what happens & report back. Your information might provide  a guide as to what needs to be done in similar circumstances. 

Perhaps the lesson for us all is that before pruning check for wildlife activity, especially at nesting time. Other Birds in Backyarders may have comments to make about this, too. 

And thanks so much for your sensitivity, Tonyv.

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