Birds in Schools


What is Birds in Schools?

Birds in Schools is an environmental education project designed to engage Years 5 and 6 students in citizen science through monitoring birds. There are 3 packages available but all consist of an Australian curriculum teaching resource (with accompanying worksheets) that builds knowledge and skills across science, maths and english and gets students outdoors and connecting with nature.

The following table shows the packages available: 

PackageWhat's involved?TimeSupportCost
PardaloteModule 1: Bird is the Word (Teaching Notes)
Module 2: All About Birds (Bird Watching and Monitoring)
1 to 2 termsNoneFree
MagpieModule 1: Bird is the Word (Teaching Notes)
Module 2: All About Birds (Bird Watching and Monitoring)
Module 3: Crunch the Numbers (Analysing Data)
Module 4: Take Action (Creating an Action Plan) 
3 terms1 hour phone consultation with BirdLife staff$
CockatooMagpie Package + the implementation of the Action Plan (e.g. creation of a bird-friendly garden)3 to 4 termsProfessional Development Workshop training and ongoing support from BirdLife staff. Some lessons delivered by trained volunteers$$ - Grant or local council funded (multiple schools in a region). Includes funds for garden creation















To download the 2 free modules (and accompanying resources) for the Pardalote Package please fill in the form below and an email with a download link will automatically be sent to you. If you are interested in the Magpie or Cockatoo packages, please email . The program was originally run in Sydney through the support of the NSW Environmental Trust in 2014/15. In 2018/19, the Cockatoo package was successfully run with schools in North Queensland through the support of a Engaging Science Grant through Advance Queensland. Read about it here.


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