Nest Box Plans


Birds in Backyards has developed a series of nest box plans for a range of Australian birds. There are nest boxes for 13 different birds, so we have made sure there is a nest box suitable for wherever you live. Some birds, like Rainbow Lorikeets and Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, are breeding fine in our parks, remnants and gardens, so we have targeted some less common and less well known birds in our plans. 

And remember nest boxes are only part of the solution – we need to make sure our birds have suitable habitat in our suburbs as well, so don’t forget to keep planting in your garden – see our section on backyard habitat planting.

Please note these boxes are a guide only – feel free to modify them to suit your requirements. For example there are a range of different ways to attach nest boxes to trees. The plans are based on 15mm thick timber (the minimum thickness you should use), so adjust the dimensions for different thicknesses (the base panel size will stay the same and we have provided internal and external dimensions).

The plans contain information on the bird, where it lives, what materials you need, and how to build, install and maintain your nest box.



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