Dundowran Beach, Qld

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Dundowran Beach, Qld

In another topic I have mentioned an unsuccessful trip to Inskip Point last weekend to sight a Black-breasted Button-Quail. Although no joy with the BBBQ there was a tame Eastern Whipbird that followed us about 200 metres up a track. A very interesting contact.

On Monday I had to go to Bundaberg, Qld for business so I left a little earlier to allow a diversion to Dundowran Beach - another BBBQ site.

I should have slept in.

However I did get pics of Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove

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And very nice pics of them too, Peter. You will just have to keep going back to look for the BBBQ, repetition brings rewards :)

Shorty......Canon gear



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Sounds like somewhere to go for the week-end. I wouldn't have thought a Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove was going to be found at a beach?

Samford Valley Qld.

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