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Birding Tours

We know a couple in the US who are keen bird photographers and would like to visit Australia to photograph as many of our birds as possible. Can anyone recommend some good birding tour operators ??

Our friends don't seem to be short of cash and travel all around the world, tending to book personalised tours with knoweldeable guides who organise in-country travel and accommodation. The aim seems to be to photograph as many different birds as possible, with perhaps variety being more important than actual photographic quality - though he has lots of expensive gear :-) He is happy to spend a whole day out walking, whereas she will tend to hang out around the accommodation.

Thanks for any recommendations.

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Without really knowing where they want to go specifically, perhaps the sight for you/them to look at would be this one:

It seems to cater for internation birdwatchers wanting as many sightings as possible... but i've never used anything like that so I hope that's helpful :) 

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If your looking at Australian bird, you need an Australian bird book. 

Wimmera mally region, Vic.

AJ Anderson
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South West of Western Australia has a variety of endemic birds. Would recommend:

And a general Australian site:

 and   @birdsinbackyards
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