Which Canadian Bird is That?

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Which Canadian Bird is That?

A friend of mine just went to live in Canada for year so I asked her to send me some bird pics to identify, just for fun. I know they're Canadian birds but I thought some people her might like to try to identify them as well, just for something a bit different. I won't tell you what I think this first one is until you've had a few guesses. Enjoy!

This was taken in central Alberta in mid Spring. The birds were in a small group.

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I'll forward this link to a Canadian birder friend

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Is it a type of bunting or waxbill?

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I was thinking Dark-eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis).

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i agree with akasha dark-eyed junco

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Googled it and it seems to fit perfectly with the female slate-coloured junco which I guess is a subspecies or race of the dark-eyed junco variety so I think you're right too.


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Definately Slate-coloured Junco (one of many subspecies).

I should be able to help with any others, having lived in the area for 2 years+.

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