what is this?

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what is this?

As a total novice i have no idea what this is. I think it is a baby as the wattle birds were feeding it. I  was at Bream Beach on the south coast of NSW

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Female or juvenile Koel.

Cheers Beef

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Thanks for that quick reply. I'll have a look at that factsheet


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If the wattlebirds were feeding it, definitely a juv. koel

Brandon (aka ihewman)

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Real nice photos you have there, TracyK. Koels of any kind are usually extremely difficult to get close to, an frequently lurk right up in the trees!

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The fact sheet was spot on. It was as if it was the exact bird i had seen. The wattle birds were working feverishly just to keep up a continous food supply and even after it sat in the tree it continued to call for more food.

Thanks to all who replied. Most informative site

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