Australian Figbird in Sydney

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Australian Figbird in Sydney

I have lived in urbanised areas of Sydney all of my 59 years and have never once spotted an Australasian Figbird. However, I have a couple of Bangalow palms in the backyard which have fruited for the first time and, almost immediately out of nowhere, a pair of Australasian Figbirds appear! They seem to love the fruit but are easily chased away by the Koels and Indian Mynas (yuck). I am amazed they can keep such a low profile.

I dont know if these figbirds are common in Sydney but this is pretty exciting for me as I am always on the lookout for a new species in the area. 

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I had never seen figbirds in Sydney until recently either. I think they are common in areas of the city where there are a a lot of figtrees and palms that they can feed off.

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I saw a figbird in suburban Mosman recently. In a gumtree in a back yard. Have not seen one in Sydney before. 

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I often see Figbirds in local parks, around inner western Sydney, where there are fig trees, although they are sometimes in adjacent trees, like a Casuarina, not in the actual Fig tree.


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