Australian or Forest Raven?

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Australian or Forest Raven?

G'day, first post here - great website btw!

There are a number of these magnificant Covids in my area (Northern suburban Melbourne), and after  a bit of research I believe I narrowed it down to either the Australian Raven or Forest Raven, but given the reduced curve in their beaks and what I percieve to be slightly shorter tail feathers I am leaning towards Forest Raven.  My comparisons have only been made against Wikipedia entry photos as I know little about birds.

Forest Raven's are not currently listed as habitating this area of Victoria, so I could be wrong on the species.  Although they are known along the coast, and this photo was taken about 25kms inland.

Is anybody certain based on these photos? 

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Australian Ravens are black with white eyes in adults. The feathers on the throat (hackles) are longer than in other species, and a bird tends to extend these when calling, while holding its head and body in a horizontal position. Australian Ravens are usually seen in pairs. Another aid to identification of this species is the absence of wing-flicking while calling. Young birds resemble the adults, but have dark eyes, shorter throat hackles and often the presence of a pink, fleshy gape.

I have a feeling these are Little Ravens. (waiting to be correctedcrying)



Thanks for the tips on identification! ;)

I dont have any video footage yet, but will try and capture their calling postures if I get the chance.

Also took these, which might help:

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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They look very much like the little ravens we get here on the s.e. slopes of the Mt Lofty Ranges. The forest raven's bill is rather heavier than the little raven's.

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