A Couple of Kookaburra's

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A Couple of Kookaburra's

Taken a few days ago.

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great shots bygum. well composed. It must have been hunting of the gate.

Cheers, Owen.

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They're lovely. I often see them on the power lines looking down

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Kookaburras always look angry to me :) Nice photos.

I was born to live and I live to die.

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Thanks guys for your feed back, Never get tired of taking them.

A Photo is only as good as the eyes that look at it.

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Hey Bygum, long time no see!!!
How is life treating you in the Southern regions??? I guess you are getting into full on Autumn colours at this time of year ?
Lovely shots as usual of a beautiful iconic subject there..... I love the crooked bill detail at its tip :') and the rustic rural background. I particularly like the third shot....that I am watching you when I am not really watching you look LOL


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