Rufous night herons and ibises

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Rufous night herons and ibises

I went to Raymond Terrace just before dark and found a great roosting site opposite McDonalds. The photos are dim but the birds were great so I'll post some photos. I saw lots of straw-necked and sacred ibis in the tops of the trees, little black cormorants, rufous night herons and dusky moorhens. There were probably lots of other birds but the mossies were getting me, and a great dane found me too (off lead)!

Adult rufous night heron

Juvenile rufous night heron (spots)

Sacred and Straw-necked ibis

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Good variety of birds there,yeah no fun when the mossies are out.


Gidday Birdgirl, I saved those Heron pics and had had a play with them so I could have good look and they are a nice coloured bird.
Your lucky to see them I have not seen one before.

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nice find birdgirl, you have to go back there on an earlier time :)

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