Wonga pigeon and Welcome Swallow chicks

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Wonga pigeon and Welcome Swallow chicks

hi only managed to get a few shots of birds during a wet weekend in Bright. The swallow nest was in the ladies toilet at the airstrip where I was doing some filming/phototaking of microlights.
I use the term 'toilet' lightly as it is very basic...outside...with just an old 3/4 length door on it for a modicum of privacy! still the swallows seem to find it quite a comfortable abode, the nest is on the wall above the toilet!
The other bird is a Wonga pigeon (I think)

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Nice to know your camera still works Hev.... cute chicks!
Don't tell me that in the whole week this was all you took ???? ( of birds I mean) :')

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Aren't the babies cute? They make visiting a public toilet bearable!

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yes...apart from the weather the first few days I was busy taking video footage of take-offs and landings at the airfield!

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