Yellow King Parrot

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Yellow King Parrot

This King Parrot stayed around a couple of days, not sure if he is just immature or has a deficiency.

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hi misty. it is definitely not an immature bird. it could either be a mutation from an aviary or as you said it could have a defficiency.

Cheers, Owen.

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Your yellow King Parrot is unusual, would he be a lutino form? I have never seen one before. There has been a flock of normally coloured Kingies feeding on fruit nearby, fruit is now eaten and all but the usual family has moved on. I love having them around.

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it looks like a hybrid king-regent parrot

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Isn't this due to the lack of melanin?? I've seen whitish sparrows before so maybe this a similar with the feathers in this king parrot?

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That would be my impression Kimbolina.

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