Yellow Poo

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Yellow Poo

I have noticed on my balcony bird poo that is quite yellow with a tiny amoun of while. It's not a splashy faeces but a "together" piece that would be the size of a small pea. I haven't seen it before and wondered what bird it would be.
We are visited by kookaburras, king parrots, crimson rosellas, pee wee, butcher bird, noisy minors, wattyl birds, crested pigeons, magpies, currawongs, crows, bowerbirds, cockatoos, galahs.
There are lots of others but they don't come to our balcony.
If anyone knows what it would be I would be grateful.

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My Rainbow Lorikeet's turd fits that description pretty well (believe me, I know...).
Might be some nectar-feeder or parrot then.


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