Yellow in king-parrot

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Yellow in king-parrot

This female king parrot was at the front door she has been coming around for a while my wife took these photos today.

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You are so lucky - make sure you show her the box!

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HI Birdgirl
They don't seem to take any notice of them I've been told they need a box about 2m tall I'm saving for the timber maybe next year the Rosella's are still coming back each day HOPING.

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Very nice shots. I wouldn't mind these visitors to my garden.


Melbourne, VIC

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Looks like she is house hunting,good shots.

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Certainly a stunning bird, I haven't yet laid eyes on one - I'm hoping that I'll see a bunch of new birds including this one during my Victoria / NSW visit over Xmas into NY.

Regards, "Tark" - Olympus 4/3rds colour

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Nice photos smeedingo2! Once at this place called Badgers Weir in Victoria I got to feed these guys. You just put some sunflower seeds in your hand wait and then you might get one of these guys landing on you or you might get a Crimson Rosella. Just make sure your the first ones there!

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George we can have up to 20 at one time when they bring there young ones around.
Raoul they haven't as yet.
Tark they are a pretty bird in real life hope you do mate.
Laura my great nephew put the box there with some seed in it and sat back about 1m and waited till she flew down my wife was siting beside him when she took the photo he was tickled pink.
Thanks all.

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