Seeds for birdscaping :)

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Seeds for birdscaping :)

Hi everyone :)

Just joined and am glad I found this place. It is my personal goal to turn my property into a bird haven and have a bit over 3 acres of (mostly) native gardens that we are continually adding bird attracting plants too. I'd like to extend an offer to fellow bridscapers to visit my own forum too as the membership and myself have listed seed that we are giving away or swapping (never selling) and I have lots of seed listed right now that I am hoping to trade with other people who are also trying to attract birds to their gardens. On my list of seeds I am giving away now include Banksia marginata, native geranium (doesn't do much to attract birds but does sttract insects that insectivorous birds like), Corymbia ficifolia, a real gem called the King Billy Pine (black cockies love them), Gastrolobium celsianum, Blackwood (Acacia melanolxylon), lemon bottlebrush, Native Musk, White Peppermint Gum and more... I am personally hoping to meet people who are willing to trade seed in Tasmania but all other states are welcome (I ask only one thing... if you decide to join please read the section in the rules forum about knowing your state's quarantine rules...).

Over the next few years things should be even better as we have over 400 species of native plants here including many from the genera banksia (11 species), kangaroo paw (1 species), dryandra (5 species), grevillea (so many species), hakea (4-5 species lost count), isopogon (1 species), eucalyptus (so many species...) and more... all of which will have seed available as it appears.

The idea is that people can list seed to swap/trade and if you are interested you reply stating which seeds you are interested in and what you may have to offer in return. People are not always wanting something in return... we often list things to give away and so long as you are prepared to send a stamped self addressesed envelop then you would be more than welcome to the seed.

We are a new forum with only 40 members right now but the membership is growing all the time and it is my hope that over the next few years it will grow into a large network joining gardeners all over Australia.

Our website is called "Australian Garden Traders" and you can find us (for now) here:

 and   @birdsinbackyards
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