Bird in heath land

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Bird in heath land

Saw this bird in coastal heath near Cronulla Sydney .... I did see pipits around, and this looks a bit like a pipit, but not 100% like a pipit.  Any help with id is much appreciated - thanks.

Rick N
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Have only seen a Little Grassbird in the flesh but this looks good for a Tawny Grassbird.

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I agree with Rick.


Thanks Rick and Tim - thats a new one for me !

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Most certainly a Tawny Grassbird, a very tricky bird to photograph, well done!



Thanks Snail ... luckily it flew right in front of me into that tree and stayed there for a minute  

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Great shots... that tawny colour stands out nicely. Sue


Thanks Sue

Log Runner
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Tawny Grassbird is an interesting record for Sydney, which is close to their southern limit. They appear to be expanding their range gradually south and a few years ago a record in Sydney would have been really unusual but they seem to have now established themselves there in a couple places.


Thanks for the info Logrunner - i did not realise that they were somewhat unusual for sydney. I did see a few observations for them in same area on ebird. I have been quite lucky on this one. 

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