Brolga Convention in the Top End

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Brolga Convention in the Top End

Called in to Fog Dam, NT, on the way home from a job and was surprised to see aprox 1000 Brolgas dancing out on the plain! Well they weren't actually dancing but they were feeding and certainly in numbers i've never seen before. I suspect they were chasing the recent rain in the area, which made the top soil nice and soft and diggable, from the hard crusted surface it was not long ago.

Great to see so many big birds, they didn't let me get closer than 300 metres, and it was a scorcher of an afternoon, 39 C, so heat shimmer is fairly bad in the shots!

I counted 250 birds in the photo of the flood plain, which only shows a small part of the whole plain.

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Wow what a sight

im guess the photos don't do the Brolgas vista justice

thanks for sharing 

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well

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HendoNT, I presume the "plain" is actually the bed of Fog Dam. A great place for biodiversity by the look of it. Have you noticed any change in bird numbers as a result of cane toads? 

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Wow. What a gathering

Aiming for DSLR-quality shots with a bridge camera

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WOKO, it is actually a flood plain, the dam itself is "behind me" as i took the shots. The dam is dry as is the plain, and when i say dam, the dam wall is probably only 3 metres high, an agricultural dam in its day to grow rice in the 60's, the magpie geese ate all the rice so it was abondoned and became a wildlife reserve in the 70's.

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Thanks, Hendo. I now have some Fog Dam background for the visit Ms Woko & may make next year. 

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What a spectacular sight. I bet it was noisy as well. 

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