Can I do anything about a hawk killing our wild birds?

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Can I do anything about a hawk killing our wild birds?

Hi everyone!

I've been spending hours every day feeding and watching wild birds but, I'm thinking I may have created a problem . We have either a hawk or falcon (can't really tell the difference between the two) that I see every other day or so. When all the birds disappear from the feeding area, all I have to do is search the tree tops and, almost certainly I'll see it nearby. This morning I found some remains of a dead bird . No other animal prints nearby other than a rabbit's and a mouse/mice. There is, however, large bird prints, almost 3 times the size of regular birds' prints so I'm concluding it was the hawk/falcon. Is there anything I can do to protect the little birds from it? Or will I just have to stop feeding them altogether ?

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Firstly I suggest you stop feeding the birds, they have or will become reliant on you and others, and become easy targets.

You could also ensure plants are local to your area, if need be plant some more, and provide some habitat, food and shelter which may attract more birds to your yard. Win win really, you get to see the smaller birds, and the predators have the opportunity to survive as well.

The other point is that the hawk or falcon is a predator, which also need to feed to survive, and so it is nature doing its thing, survival of the fittest etc. you should embrace the opportunity to see nature at it’s best, although for some it can be distressing to see predatory behaviour in real life.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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I reasently observed this, I later found out the peregrine falcon was nesting in a silo. There’s two of them, and last year they had 3 chicks, tow males and female.

The bird that it cort was a wood duck. (I think I wrote a post about it) there’s that many ducks, I didn’t worry about it, the peregrine is less common.

if the raptor (bird of pray) it taking small birds of the ground and out of trees, it’s probably a goshawk. Falcons normally hunt by air and the sizes of those to birds it two small fore a harrier.

Wimmera mally region, Vic.

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I would reiterate Dale’s comments, tutu. He’s right on the money. 

For information & discussion about the pros & cons of artificially feeding birds could I suggest you type <artificial feeding> in the search box near the top of this page.

And I think Lightuningbird is probably right in saying that the raptor is likely a Goshawk. 

major myna
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Tutu, try feeding it some bits of dog food, i use the kangaroo & beef cubes that come in a plastic tray. Toss a few on the grass and it keeps the kookaburras happy and stops them from attacking smaller birds as i have seen them do.

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