Eastern Rosella and Crimson Rosella Breeding

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Eastern Rosella and Crimson Rosella Breeding

For the last 3 days we have been monitoring the breeding between a Crimson Rosella and Eastern Rosella in one of our bird boxes in our backyard. [Bendigo]

We have never sighted a Crimson Rosella previously in our garden, the closest area we they are common is about 30klms south of us.

Wondering if these two facts are an uncommon occurance.

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That's really exciting and interesting.

I was looking into exactly this a few weeks ago, as my folks saw a strange looking rosella which I believe was a Crimson/Pale-headed cross.


It seems that it's not highly common, but frequent enough that people notice it a bit - if that means anything :)



Last year we noticed a crimson rosella and an eastern rosella always eating the birdfood at the same time. This year they have been back for a while and last week we saw three small, almost eastern rosella looking birds but their heads were more green than the adult one. We were unsure if they were offspring until yesterday- I saw all five- the crimson rosella, the eastern rosella and the three smaller rosellas, on the railing and one small one was eating out of the eastern rosellas mouth. They have to be a family!!! Unfortunately I haven't managed to photograph yet but I am definitely ttrying to.

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Hi Folks, we are alos having regular visits to our bird feeder from a male Crimsom and female Eastern Rosella. They have been coming for a number of months through winter, so we will be keen to see if they end up breeding.

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