Eastern Rosella nesting

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Eastern Rosella nesting

We are lucky enough to have a pair of eastern rosellas nesting in a box placed under our back verandah.   The nestbox was only placed there in May and the birds quickly showed interest with the female preparing her nest from late August.   By mid to late September she had laid two eggs.   We checked the box after around 3 weeks and there were seven eggs, but no chicks.   She sat on for another four weeks, but sadly the eggs were not viable.  We opened the box after she had vacated and were surprised to see that she had gotten rid of the eggs!   ?Perhaps she had eaten them??  So for two weeks there was no activity at the nest box, but in the last three or four days she has been actively making “nestorations”.   Is it possible that there will be a second nesting?

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Possible, cpal.

I'm not sure the Eastern Rosella got rid of the eggs. More likely, I think, that a predator devoured them. What sort of habitat do you have around you? Are there large lizards in the area?

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Yes. The perent May have been disturbed by a predator, the eggs gone cold and the predator eat them. If the rosellas still think it’s safe to nest there, they may come back.

had a simpler problem with my chickens. Crows would come in and take the eggs, the chooks diddent few for a few days. 

Wimmera mally region, Vic.

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