Flickr storage or equivalent

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Flickr storage or equivalent

I note that my free Flickr account will soon top out at 1000 pictures. I have removed a number of them but when I delete from there the link vanishes in BiB.

Wondering if there are other better options or if it is worth upgrading to Flickr Pro with unlimited storage.

Welcome any feedback on this


Alex Rogers
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I notice that a lot of forum members are using Flickr - is there a particular reason why? 

I've been using Google Photos - unlimited free storage for photos up to 16MB each. Has scary-good search with AI learning. If you can get your head around sharing all this info with Google, it is quite extraordinary, no need to tag most photos, as you can teach it to recognise your friends etc and then it pulls them up automatically, also uses locations, dates, exif data, file names for search. Fabulous automatic backups are the main reason I use it - it automatically backs up selected folders on my hard drive, and all my phone photos. It does allow linking and sharing, but you need to fiddle a bit wth the links to post them to forums like this - but its pretty easy. It is NOT a professional photography storage site (no raw support, some compression) - but a very powerful and free backup and storage solution that is worth consideration. 

I'm looking for more powerful tagging and organising capacity, and am looking at an Adobe subscription for LR/PS anyway, which I believe comes with pro-grade storage anyway, interested to check that out. Also interested in other people's solutions .

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I like Flickr because it is easy to use, but I don't like paying for such, particularly when I have iCloud Drive, OneDrive and some work clouds which I can store as much as I want on. Just a shame you can't upload to forum sites from some of those storage services.

Used to use Photbucket, but they changed they way it worked, and was never the same again. There must be another way, without forking out more cash.

Think would be happy to pay a nominal annual fee, but the ongoing monthly subscriptions add up!

As far as editing software goes, I think I will go with Gimp (it is free) and apparently bears similarity to Photoshop. It is able to process RAW and some limited JPEG stuff, so I think it will work for me? 

I can also do an introduction thorough adult Ed in Tasmania for $25, which is cheaper than most of them.  Don't much like the "Free Trials", as I don't think I get enough of a chance to see if a program works for me, and by the time I get back to, my trial has expired. The one Alex mentioned sometime ago isn't available for Mac at this stage.

Anyway, still learning and researching, so if I find anything I will post it.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania

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Not sure why people were using Flickr except that you could link directly and select a certain size of photo to display which looked good. Originally, it also had unlimited storage. Just wondered what people were doing.

At the moment to save space, I am uploading to Flickr and linking directly if a good shot or if not a great shot, I am downloading the desired size and then uploading to BiB as it must be under 500 KB. I then delete the undesirable shot from Flickr... it seems better than using a programme to produce a small copy of each photo.

For editing, I use DXO Photolab or Adobe Photoshop Elements 14... but considering Adobe Lightroom which I think has associated storage. Just resent paying monthly fees instead of a one-off.

Alex Rogers
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Yes, I'm going to triall the Adobe Photographer pack, Lightroom + Photoshop + 20GB storage for $14/mo. I used to hate subscriptions too, but got used to them with with family subscription to MS Office 365 (which is pretty good deal) and it is the way everyone is going. Not a bad thing as you get regular updates and improvements, as long as you keep on top of your subscriptions and (if possible) make sure you are prompted to renew rather than auto-renew. 

The Adobe subscription seems pretty good value, and if 20GB gets too restrictive you can upgrade to 1TB for $28/mo. Lightroom looks like a great product, I'm not sure how much I'll use Photoshop if at all (steep learning curve, LR does just about everything I want) but it comes bundled with all LR subscriptions. 

But I see a new desktop in my future, my little laptop just isn't cutting it. Time to flick it to one of the kids and upgrade. 

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