Eastern Rosella Nesting Box

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Eastern Rosella Nesting Box

My husband has made a nesting box and placed it high in a tree in our backyard. The trees are not in leaf yet and wondered if this is why our resident pair of eastern rosellas have not moved in yet. I have placed a sunflower seed block right next to the hole and they both feed off it. The diameter of the hole is 7.5cm. Has anyone got any ideas why they have not taken up residence?

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HI Salty1
I'm no expert but I had to put mine on steel pipe 6m high because the possums moved in to the ones that I have on the trees and I don't think that they will use them after them because when I put the ones on pipe with in a few days they where checking them out they are stand alone in amongst the tall gum trees far enough away so that the possums can't get to them the Rosella's have been back every day for about a week now and I have my fingers crossed.

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ive studied hard (thanks to google) about rosella nestboxes. and it said to just give them time to move in. the rosellas probably arent familiar with it yet, so just give it another month or two. and the nestbox should "blend in" with the habitat.

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