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Magpie Lark

This flying pest that continually rauns into my windows, causing a mess on the windows and the verandah.

Is there a way to stop them with this annoying habit?



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Sorry, a pest?

You will find that windows are the pest, not a beautiful native bird who is simply confused and is flying into windows because he sees a reflection in it. Birds were here long before humans put their glass windows up and thousands of birds die every year from this hazard.

How about checking if the poor little one is ok rather than labeling him a 'pest'.

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Hi larkie!

What does "raun" mean?
What sort of mess is being caused?

- soakes

Olinda, Victoria, Australia

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What about some help instead of the criticism.
windows dont fly!!Thanks Maggie for your help
and soakes thank you too.

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It is the transparent and reflective characteristics of glass that cause bird collisions. To eliminate this problem you have to makethe glass visible to birds.

You can buy film to attach that makes the glass appear etched.

Cover the window with netting, hanging the net 20-30 cm from the glass.

Use awnings to reduce reflections.

Hang ribbons or other material in strips no more than five centimeters apart on the outside of windows for the full width of the glass. For even better results attach old CDs.

Draw the curtains or close the blinds.

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