bird bath behaviour by red wattlebirds

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bird bath behaviour by red wattlebirds

G'day,.,I used to have a triffik mob of Red Wattlebirds who delighted me by really getting stuck into the bird bath I set up.They would completely submerge and frolick around,preening etc.
But now that I'm at a different location(same suburb)and have another family of Red Wattlebirds visiting many times of day,they don't bother with the same enthusiasm towards this bath as the others did.
They occasionaly have a drink and just jump around the outside of it.
The bath water is very clean and is on a dripping fed system.
The only thing I can think of is that the bath is of a deeper depth and colour and they might not like the bottom appearanceof the bath.
But these Wattlebirds birds are a very confident species so I just don't know if going through heaps of design changes would work.
Any suggestions would be mucho thanko.

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