Gold Coast parks

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Gold Coast parks

Recently spent a few days on the Gold Coast and upgraded my camera while I was there. Just to get used to the new camera and new settings went to local parks to practice and make adjustments. In three days picked up three new species. Baillons Crake, Lathams Snipe and Bush Stone Curlew. Also spotted two curlew chicks sitting next to mum and dad. Did not want to disturb so did not get close and shot is heavily cropped. A thrill though. 

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very nice! G

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Thats wonderful set, that Crake and close up Curlew are excellent 

And despite the cropping , the family photo is superb especially with some pesky foilage in the foreground 

Dont take life too seriously, it never ends well


Great finds and great shots ... all new to me as well. 

Lathams snipe, i believe, are rather shy and stay in cover - so you did very well to get it.

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Well done to get a Latham's Snipe so well but my favourite is the Crake as the colours work well.


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Thanks Greyson, laza, WD and Sue818. Really happy with the new camera and believe I can improve even further. These beautiful birds were really a bonus for me, particularly the Crake and Lathams snipe. Cheers, Muzz

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Great shots Muzz. Love the Curlew chicks. So cute and fluffy.

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