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Good News & Bad News

Well it has been a difficult past few weeks as we were broken in to and a whole lot of items were stolen including my camera and lens 

We were very lucky in the fact that they only stole stuff that can be replaced (No computers with photos on them) and didn't damage the house or even hurt our dog

Insurance has been pretty good and I finally picked up my camera last night.

I decided to spend a bit more money to upgrade to a 7dmkii and a Canon 100-400 series ii 

My wife was less than impressed but I was like a kid on Christmas morning.

Hoping to go out this weekend for a test run before heading over to WA in a couple of weeks and then to Bowra a few weeks after that.

Weeing like a puppy in anticipation 

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The feeling of being invaded followed by every cloud having a silver lining. Life is curious, to say the least. Hope the test run goes smoothly & meets all your expecations, Devster.

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Thanks Woko

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I do sympathise, Devster. The thief that hit my place missed my camera (with me) but stole two good lenses as well as all my favourite jewellery (the ones left out because you wear them often). After 37 years without an incident, it was a great shock and it took some time to feel secure again.

Silver lining: I replaced the two old lenses with the Nikon PF 300mm F4 and love it.

Hope the weekend goes well and look forward to my great pictures from you


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