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Hello from Sydney


I am a free-range Sydney Landscape Architect/Artist working closely with schools and garden lovers to improve ecological health and wellbeing of the spaces between buildings. At the moment I am working on a site in the foothils of the Illawarra Escarpment, Bulli, north of Wollongong, NSW and would like to talk with bird-watchers in the area. I look forward to learning more here at BiB.  


Hi Annabel I am in Sydney and like to get around checking out the birdlife (and taking a few snaps) Sounds like a great job. Just a little ways north of Bulli where you are working is a nice group of areas for birding around Otford, Helensburgh, Heathcote, Waterfall, the Royal National Park and Lake Woronora. Check em out if you get a chance.   

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Hi Annabel. I'm in SA, not in Sydney, but I am interested in the work of landscape architects & the part they can play in restoration of damaged & lost ecologies. I'm particularly interested in the part that indigenous vegetation might play in your work.

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Hi Annabel, wish I could be a bit more helpful but I live out in westernsydney! I love your job! What a fascinating and wonderful way to make a living!
I am trying in my own way to create a beautiful space around our house, I have an adult daughter who has an acquired brain injury and I am building her a sensory garden from native plants to bring the local birdlife in close for her to experience!
I also volunteer for an organisation that rescues and caresnfor native animals and birds.

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Welcome Annabel! I hope you enjoy the forumssmiley

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Hey Wollemi. Nice to hear from you again. From time to time I've wondered how your daughter is enjoying the garden.

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