Holly's on holidays

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Holly's on holidays

Greetings all. I am heading off on holidays for a couple of weeks from today. I am escaping the winter cold and heading to the South Pacific for some warm sun! I will be sure to do some birdwatching so the binoculars are already packed but will be hopefully spending much of my time underwater doing some diving and snorkelling cool

Anyway, I will be back online on the 23rd. In the mean time, birdie and cathshane will be doing the awesome job they always do. If there are any problems with the site, email Jen Sutfin: jen.sutfin@birdlife.org.au and she will be able to help out.

Looking forward to coming back totally refreshed and ready to finsih off some great new projects I have been working on for Birds in Backyards.

See you in a couple of weeks



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Sorry we had to contact you , hope you got to do all the stuff you wanted to do in the sun...frown

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Hmmmm, did I hear SUN ???? Don't even remember what that's like. You are a lucky girl. Hope you had a good time.


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Well I am back smiley


Yes I saw sun and it was magical! Truely a wonderful part of the world - gained a new appreciation for reefs - words cannot describe how beautiful they were. Even saw a few birds (but I forogt my binos!).

Getting back to reality today and getting up to speed with what happened to the site when I was away (sorry birdie I didn't get your sms  but wouldn't have been able to do anything anyway). Catching up on the billion emails I have waiting for me too...


I have some photos so I will post them in the social section when I get a chance.

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