I died today

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I died today

I died today.
I was found by a kind, sweet woman who does wildlife rescue.
I was so sick, I could barely open my eyes.
She took me inside, cradling me in her warm arms, and made me warm and comfortable.
I opened my eyes and looked at her and thanked her for making my last few minutes as comfortable as possible....
But i was too sick to keep fighting anymore.
I had eaten a mouse that was poisoned, and it made me very sick.
I closed my yellow eyes for the last time and went somewhere else.
Please, all I ask is never use poison to kill the mice.
poison kills owls, like me.
All I wanted was a mouse for dinner.
I died today....

Please SHARE this for poison awareness.
Stop the use of poison for rats or mice.
Save a precious life today.
it only takes one share to spread the word.

(thanks to Dj Dapper Don for this pic and sentiment) Thanks from me too, I hope Dapper Don doesn't mind me posting this here? Such an important matter needs to be shared everywhere.

Night Parrot
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That's very sad Araminta. I guess it means we should restrict ourselves to spring traps inside houses. I have used glue mats overseas. They are effective but cruel.

I recently bought a non-injurious trap on ebay from China (very cheap) because I was finding rat poop on the balcony near where I cook outside. I opted for a non-injurious trap because I wasn't sure whether it might have been an antechinus. I then ascertained that it was in fact an antechinus and so I never used the trap. Fortunately I didn't put out rat poison or I would have killed the antechinus and perhaps an owl like the poor creature above.

But most people, I fear, will always use rat poison for convenience.

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I have two of those traps, they work very well. I only bother about mice in my kitchen, what they do outside is not a concern to mecheeky


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Outside at my place they're great tucker for owls & Black-shouldered Kites.

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I haven't been to the forum lately.  I find this story very sad.  But try to encourage those in power to do something about the control of the use of poisons is well nigh impossible - but we keep trying.  


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Good on you for trying, Bridges. Doing nothing plays right into the hands of the poison producers.

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