I feel so awful, did I do enough for this pigeon? :(

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I feel so awful, did I do enough for this pigeon? :(

I was leaving my partners house tonight, and as I reversed I saw in front of me a pigeon just sitting there on the ground where my car has been parked. It must of been cold, and it was injured as I saw its wing not right. It hopped up and struggled to walk to the gutter, I picked it up extremely gently to put it on the grass beside the house so no one would run it over. I noticed I must of hurt it alot picking it up, and I felt so awful for the poor little darling that I called rspca rescue and they did advise to take it to a 24 hr vet, it was now tucked under a tree to hide away and keep warm, I went to get a jumper to put it in, however when I went to pick It up extremely gently with one hand, I didn't have even my whole hand underneath it and it just fully collapsed it couldn't move. I felt like I was causing just so so much pain for this poor little thing by moving it, I was getting upset, it was in and out of consciousness, I decided to leave it and cover it a little bit with a plastic bag to try keep it abit more warmer then having nothing at all. I just feel so sad, I cried all the way home cos I love animals so much I just can't stand to see them in pain. My partner said that I did what I could for it and it was a good thing by moving it off the road and covering it to keep it a little bit warm, I just feel like I let it down but at that moment I sincerely believe I was just causing more harm and pain for the little thing by moving it, I said a little prayer that it would fall asleep as it was and hopefully pass away in peace. Am I a horrible person? I just care so much :(

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O Nina, I feel your pain. What can I say? I'd love to tell you that you did the right thing, but you know I can't . Up to a point you did, but you also know what you should have done? Picking the bird up with your jumper would only caused more pain for an instant, taking it to a vet would have shortened it's suffering, or given a vet the oportunity to humanely put the bird to sleep. Although you say: I love animals so much I can't stand to see them in pain, you just left it there suffering in silence where you didn't have to see it? Too late for this bird , who knows, it might have taken a long time for it to die?

Next time you find an injured bird , or any other animal, please take it to a vet.

I know I shouldn't say this, but saying a little prayer won't help, but a vet might.


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Hi Nina

Helping an injured animal is a really stressful experience, even if you have done it lots of times (at least I still find it stressful). I totally understand your pain and concern. It sounds like your pigeon may have passed pretty quickly. For next time though (hopefully there isn't a next time, but just in case), have a spare box around somewhere and a couple of towels. Getting injured birds (or other wildlife) somewhere dark and quiet is the priority. We have some info here that can help: http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/help/faq#faq-13174

For birds that are pigeon-sized - use 2 hands, one over each wing. Pick it up and hold firmly (but not too tight of course) and straight into a box.

Having a 24 hour vet available is fantastic. That isn't always the case. If there isn't one around, just keep the box in a warm, quiet and dark room until the vet opens. Don't give the bird food or water or anything, just leave it quiet.



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