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It seems we have some escort agency invading our site.  Can they be banned?  Has anyone else noticed this?

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Yes Karen, they slip through the net from time to time, unfortunately sometimes post get lost. Be patient, I have no idea if Holly can do anything about it? Just don't click onto it. I would find it very interesting to find out if anyone ever clicks on that kind of shit? But if they do, they wouldn't tell us, now would they? LOL


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Hehehe....I guess not.  I just got a surprise when I saw it, as I get some posts directed into Outlook Express, and not used to seeing them there, for sure.

I know Holly will remove them.  Just wasn't sure she knew, or if anyone else knew for that matter.

Brisbane southside.

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Noticed & ignored. Any response at all rewards the behaviour of these numbskulls.

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Sorry guys - 'bots' cannot get in as we have a filter in place now but unfortunately a real person can log in and post.

Never click a link you aren't sure of and please send me an email if you see something suss and I will get on it as soon as I can.

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i've seen several posts however it looked to me like a computer generated post because it made no sensebut all had the escort agency link in them

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Yes margaret this is a common theme unfortunately for the asian escort spammers. Just do not reply and Holly will get to it.  I still dont have the moderator thing going yet on here . Thanks :)

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Oh no - sorry guys was away over Easter (and not back at work till Friday). Hopefully the web guys have seen and deleted any new bots that have appeared, if not I will do a search now and remove them.


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Don't forget guys you can also send me a PM if you see something I should be aware of or email me and some forum members have my mobile number (birdie does I think) so that is another way of getting in touch if you haven't seen me around. Sorry - I am back from a break but am at the Royal Easter Show tomorrow giving a talk and helping on a Bushcare/Sustainability stall but will be online again on Friday.


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Hello Holly,

I haven't posted a comment for some time now - the last being in response to something Araminta raised that had a discussion about snakes.

I've been hit twice in the last hour with asian escort agency messages.

When it starts to rain (proper) l'll sit down and have another go at submitting surveys - l'm still keeping records of what's in my front, side and backyards!

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 Hi mtck

Great to hear from you. Yes I saw the spammer and deleted them quickly. We
have a filter system in place but unfortunately when there is a real
person at the end of the computer (as opposed to a bot), we can only catch
them when they post something inappropriate. Birdie and cathshane are on
board now as mods so that should help me keep on top of things.
The surveys still have some glitches - I have sent a long list of issues
to the web developers who have been spending some time on fixing them.  I
was just told yesterday that a big block of my logged issues are being
looked at today. Fingers crossed for things to run smoother!
 and @UrbanBirdsOz  @birdsinbackyards
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