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Identification help

Photos were taken on a recent trip to Bool Lagoon and Naracoorte in SE South Australia. I am not sure what the first two birds are .IS the raptor a Whistling KIte or maybe a Swamp Harrier or is it too far away to tell? The first bird I originally thought was an Orange Chat but it doesnt really match my Bird Books description. Any help greatly appreciated .

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1,2 and 3 have no idea. 

Maybe you already know what 4 and 5 are? Nice photos anyway 

4. Superb Fairy Wren

5. Eastern Yellow Robin

There is also an Identifications thread, which could be useful.

Dale Huonville, Tasmania


1. Golden Headed Cisticola

2. Juvenile Whistling Kite

3. Mature Whistling Kite - i think

4&5 agree with dwatsonbb 

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Thanks for the ID. The Eastern Yellow Robin had obviously been out in the rain! The Whistling Kites were at Bool Lagoon which was very full of water thanks to recent heavy rains. A bit disappointing really because all the boardwalks were closed and under water.

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