The bird that goes 'oi!'

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The bird that goes 'oi!'

Hi. I have just moved to Loftus in Sydney and keep hearing but not seeing a bird that calls 'Oi!' very distinctively. Can someone tell me what this bird might be?

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Is it a short 'oi' or is it drawn out? Is it a singe call or does it repeat? If repeats, then at what frequency? I am afraid it's a tough call to work out (at least for me) and it just about fits into the league of how long is a piece of string, if you know what I mean.

Try and describe it a little better if you could, or try to record it if you are able to. :)

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Thanks for the reply.

It is a very short, distinct 'oi' that could easily be followed by 'whadya think you're doing!'. It is repeated a few times - I have never counted them, but somewhere between 2 and 4.

Sorry that I do not have more information!


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I should importantly add that the repetition is not immediate,but that there is a long pause, possibly 20-30 seconds or even longer, between each repetition.


Lol, it sounds like it might be someone yelling at people for going on his lawn :) Otherwise i've got no clue, it is so hard to describe a bird call...

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I know exactly the bird you are referring to, and I call it the 'oi' bird.  I was gardening in the front lawn and it sounded like the bird was reprimanding me every 20 seconds or so, yelling 'oi' like a teacher or a policeman with a naughty child.  Although I've looked for it many times it is really hard to see, but not hard to hear!  I live in Gymea Bay, near Loftus, and this bird has recently moved into the neighbourhood.  I would also like to know what it is if anyone has any ideas....

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Hopefully its not your neighbour. I'd suggest Koel Cuckoo or Figbird.

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I would suggest Eastern Koel too. A friend of mine calls it the Joyce bird, because the call sounds like a drawn out 'Joyce'. Their other call is something like 'wirra,wirra, wirra'.



Any follow-up or answers on this bird (maybe non-bird) call?

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Hi, I moved to Yarrawarrah last year and also heard this bird. I finally identified it clearly this morning – it is the little wattle bird. I can't find it described as making this call but it definitely does. Maybe it is a local Sutherland dialect!

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