poem on rainbow lorikeets

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poem on rainbow lorikeets

Hello everyone

I have read a few posts here and discovered that lorikeets are not loved by everyone but I do think they are a beautiful bird. I have written a poem about them but cannot seem to think up the last two lines so if anyone would like to think them up I would be very grateful. Congratulations on some of the wonderful photos here.

Here is the poem:

My Name? The Rainbow Lorikeet Of Course!

There’s no such thing as a nice shade of brown
I don’t want a pastel or grey coloured crown
Purple, that’s more like it, and not in tones muted
Bright orange and yellow is to what I’m much better suited

“Less is more!” What feather brain uttered those words?
A sparrow or a wren, those dull, drab speckled birds
I’m bright and I’m bold, decked out in every hue
Watch me, in Technicolor, it’s a spectacular view

Glimpse a flash of my feathers and you’ll gasp in amazement
Get used to it, pick your jaw off the pavement


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Or, if nothing else marvel at my raucous shriek
I'm not like timid birds who flitter and sneak.


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Glad to know some of us appreciate these wildly colourful characters! To me, they epitomise Sydney (I have moved out of town to where they are less prevalent - I get the gentle tinkling Crimson Rosellas instead!) and I feel at home when I hear their gleefully raucous shouts and feel them whiz past my head in places like the Botanic Gardens and coastal parks! And I am always intrigued by people who complain about 'natural' sounds in the city - I'd rather be woken by a bird, a frog or a cicada than a plane or a truck! We should feel lucky that we still have some wildlife making noise amongst our own.

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Hi Booshkie

Thank you! I had come up with two lines already but yours are better. The noise they make is definitely worth mentioning. Some time ago I had a large number on my balcony, and my uncle was over and about to use the electric drill out there. He apologised because the noise would scare them off. He started drilling and I said "Turn around." He turned around and they were all still there. Unfortunately they don't visit as often as they used to.

And yes, Ondine, I would be much rather woken by natural sounds than cars, trucks and planes but I do draw the line at roosters!

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chilli here,this is same problem people have with koels,more so there timing,but i cant wait for them to turn up every summer.ya gotta love rainbow lorikeets.

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