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Night Parrot
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King parrot

This king parrot has been drinking at the birdbath lately; looks okay but had some bareness around the eyes. What could this be? (Sorry photo not sharp).

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Since it looks to be in good physical condition, I would say that it could be moulting? Also if it has had an argument with other parrots it might have lost some feathers.

Night Parrot
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Thanks for that Elsie. I will watch progress if it keeps returning to the bird bath. It tolerates me getting close so I might try and get another photo.

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I think Elsie is right, have a look at the bird , there are a few more bare patches on her body.

It could also be caused by mites.


Night Parrot
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This one also seems to have a bareness around the eye.

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I think it may be mites...

Not sure what you can do for birds in the wild with mites.

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